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LO: To write the climax

In this lesson, we will watch the clip again, reflect on our vocabulary choices from our planning lesson and use them to write the climax in short parts. We will finish by reading our whole paragraph out loud. To access the learning, please use the weblink: .

You need to:
1. Go through the PowerPoint Presentation
2. Complete the worksheet provided
3. Self-mark your work using the answers provided


LO: To analyse the author’s use of colour.

Access the learning using the weblink:

Religious Education

LO: What is the Holy Trinity?

In this lesson we will be learning about the Holy Trinity. Trinity means three! You will learn about the ‘three persons of God’ within Christianity, the Nicene Creed and why the Holy Trinity is important to Christians. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this lesson.

Please use the weblink below to access the learning:


LO: Transferring information

This lesson introduces the idea that parts of a computer system are not always in the same place or country. Instead, those parts of a system must transfer information using the internet. You will also gain an awareness of IP addresses and the rules (protocols) that computers have for communicating with one another.

To access the learning please use the weblink below: