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LO: To know how to organise ideas around a theme.

In this final concluding paragraph, you need to bring your non-chronological report to an end by referring back to your introduction and emphasising your main idea there. Here, you can also insert an opinion based on your main paragraph, e.g: the importance of their conservation. 

Ensure you edit through your work carefully so it all makes sense.

A concluding example has been added below:



Despite being stigmatised in media and fiction as gruesome, ghastly creatures, a vulture’s existence plays an essential role in preventing the spread of diseases by clearing away carcasses of animals. Their presence across the wild world ensures the clean-up of natural environments due to their unique way of feeding. Rarely known to attack living wild, humans should have little to fear of them and instead help the conservation of any part of the threatened species.  



Learning objectives

To use my design to create a project

  • I can create the artwork for my project
  • I can choose a name that identifies the role of a variable
  • I can test the code that I have written


Key vocabulary

Task, algorithm, design, artwork, program, project, code, test, debug