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Follow the link to listen to the final chapter of ‘The Iron Man’.

'The Iron Man' - Chapter 5 by Ted Hughes.


You will then use the story map to write the final paragraph to conclude the story.

Don’t forget to add strong verbs and adjectives to make your writing more interesting. Think about the description of your setting and what the characters can see, hear, smell, touch or feel. Different words to start sentences will also make your writing interesting.


Remember, to use language of description throughout your writing to keep the reader’s attention and add lots of detail.

To begin this lesson, you will with the ‘In Focus’ task. Do you know of any methods they could use to help solve this problem? How is today's problem similar to yesterday's problem? What is the main difference? Which method do you think will be most efficient in solving today's problem. Which method works but might be the most tedious?


During Guided Practice, you will be subtracting 1-, 2- and 3-digit numbers from a 3-digit number using a variety of methods.

You will continue to learn about how Jews celebrate their beliefs at home and in the synagogue. For today’s lesson you will what does the Torah mean to the Jewish people.

You will find your tasks on slide 10, 11 and 12.