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LO: To know and understand how to use ‘a list of three actions’ when describing a character.  


Follow the weblink below for The Iron Man Literacy Shed for action discussion ideas on The list of 3 


Your task today is to write a list of three actions after watching the above video. You need to write 5 list of three sentences.



This new had stood up, hooked its finger around the other finger then let it be led.   

To begin todays lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. Follow the questions on the PPT slide. The word 'sum' in mathematics means 'the total'.


Do you know how to find the total of the two numbers? Form the numbers using digit cards and arrange them using the column method. Then do the addition. You will have to regroup twice, for the ones, and then for the tens. Remember to apply your knowledge from what you have learnt previously using pictures of Base 10 materials.

Today in RE you will be looking at how do Jews celebrate Shabbat and how. You will learn what is Shabbat? How often does it happen? Why is it different from other parts of the week?


Your task is to create a Shabbat artefact/food using creative resources such a modelling clay/ junk modelling, fabrics, string, etc.