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For today's spellings, please watch the following video on -ary/-ery suffixes. At the end of the video you will need to write down the 10 words you must learn. Access it by click here.


In addition to this, in class you  will have the following words to practise and learn.


Today, we will be practising words and copying sentences in cursive writing. Remember to do your hand exercises. Click here to remind yourself on hand exercises


Remember, the aim is to produce clear, neat cursive writing. Take your time when writing in your books! 


Complete the activity below. Once you have completed the task, stretch yourself by writing a short paragraph (about anything) which includes the grammar you have just reinforced.


Go through and complete the tasks on the website (click here). Once you have completed this, have a go at the arithmetic test below in your books. Don't forget to upload the self corrected work onto See Saw.


Ensure you also complete some of your tasks on My Maths - your teachers will be checking progress.


Complete your relevant comprehension task below, self correct and upload onto See Saw.