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Good Afternoon Year 4. 

Well done for your resilience and hard work.  It’s great to see you majority of you performing your best with your home learning.  Indeed, you all deserve a big pat on the back.  Well done to those who have been posting work frequently to your teachers. 

How was today’s learning?  Did you check your answers for the comprehension questions?  Do you feel the need to develop your comprehension skills?  I will encourage you to access bug club on weekly.  There a range of texts with different comprehension questions that you can complete.  This will improve on how to answer different questions. 

How was the planning of an alternative ending to the highwayman story?  I hope you will be able to convert your plan into a full story next week.  You still have the weekend to make this week’s writing better. 

You can also access other websites for additional maths activities to extend different concepts that you learn.  Do not forget to revise your tables. 

I hope your handwriting is getting better.  I will be pleased to see how it has developed through your regular handwriting practice on Fridays. 

RE has been interesting this term, so I hope you have taught so much in this subject this term.  You may also create a book about what you have been learning to share with your friends and family.  Your teachers will be pleased to read them too.

Until we meet again on Monday, enjoy the weekend, look after yourselves and stay safe!

Ms V Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers

Good Morning Year 4, how are you all?  Well done for your resilience and hard work. 

Today’s learning starts with a reading comprehension. The passage is a biography about Rosa Parks.  Please read and use the information from the text to complete the questions.  You are required to use full sentences in your responses. You have been provided with the answers to check your answers.  Feel free to use it.   

Please find time to do some physical workout by following Joe Wicks’ link. 

In writing, you will be planning the end of your story.  You are to use the ideas on your mind map from yesterday to help you plan an alternative ending of the Highwayman story.  You will be writing the full story next week.  Please read the teacher’s notes carefully for guidelines.  You will also find a planning sheet; sentence and sentence openers which will help you plan your story successfully. 

Please visit BBC Bitesize webpage link below to access your daily maths learning.   In addition to this, log onto TTRockstar to practise the times table regularly.  Send completed learning to your teachers via seesaw. 

You have about fifteen minutes to copy a short in your poem best handwriting.  You are to use a joined handwriting style. Pay more attention to the letter size and join the letters correctly.   Refer to teachers plan to guide you.

In RE, you are to complete the tasks by following the teacher’s plan carefully.  Your final task is to write an explanation in a short paragraph why people get married.  You can add some drawings to your ideas too!

Please go to Year 5 page where you will find a message from your new Year 5 teacher!


Thank you very much,