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Good Morning Year 4

I hope you are doing fine.  Thank you to those who have consistently been posting to your teachers some of your learning.  We really appreciate it very much.


It’s reading comprehension this morning.  You are to read and answer questions as you always do.  In writing, you will be editing the middle part of your narrative.  You have the checklist and the teacher’s notes to use as a guide.  Ensure that you include all the features stated in the checklist.  We enjoy reading some of your stories, so post them to your teacher. 


Please visit BBC Bitesize webpage link below to access your daily maths learning. lessons/1    You can also visit other websites for a range of maths activities that you can complete in your spare times.  Spend some time to revise the times table using TTRockstar.  Using the sound check will help you find the areas that you must improve on too!


There is a short poem that you must make better. We’d like you to improve on the presentation of it by copying it neatly using a joined handwriting style.   Your letters have to be of the same size and joined up correctly.


Please read the teachers plan for music and complete the stated tasks.  Perform and share with us some of your videos. 

Thank you all, and as always keep up with good work. 


Please try to complete as many questions as you are able to during today's comprehension session.