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Good Morning Year 5!


Good Afternoon Year 5,


The weekend has finally arrived! I hope you’ve been excited about the weekend as I have been. Hope your learning for today went well and you enjoyed your activities. Remember anytime you need support, please ask adults or elder siblings to support you, there are also many resources that can be found on the internet to assist you.


As you know the answers for all your tasks where already attached at the bottom of the sheets or on the relevant links. For reading, I have uploaded the answers so look back at your work and self-mark and upload your pictures onto See saw for your teachers to view.


Also, remember to carry out your homework by logging on to:  My Maths, TT Rockstars and Bug Club. Well done to all the students who have logged in today! Your teachers are monitoring this closely every day. Ensure you are reading daily for at least 30 minutes and filling in your Reading Records (remember our year 5 expectations for reading records - quality comments).


It also important to have regular breaks use them moderately. Please make sure you sleep at a sensible time so you are fresh for the next day. Rest well and we will see you here tomorrow morning. If you are unsure of anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

As promised, the answers from yesterday’s quiz are as follows:


  1. Cheetah
  2. Blue whale
  3. Adder or viper
  4. 9
  5. Joey
  6. Arctic
  7. Flock
  8. 8
  9. No, it’s a marsupial
  10. Giraffe


Next set of questions:


  1. What is an alicorn?
  2. How many horns did a triceratops have?
  3. What bird, with a distinctive call heard at the start of summer in the UK, is famous for stealing other birds’ nests?
  4. What’s the name of the Downing Street cat?
  5. Nala and Simba are what kind of animal?
  6. What type of dog is Marshall from Paw Patrol?
  7. How many brains does an octopus have?
  8. What’s the slowest animal in the world?
  9. A group of which species is known as a Parliament?


Good luck - See you tomorrow

Mrs Akhtar


Please use the link below to complete your Yoga activity for today. If you can, try to do this at the end of your learning. It will be a great start to your weekend. 



This term, as part of your reading learning, you are required to use Bug Club everyday for 30 minutes and then spend the other 30 minutes of your reading session to complete another reading activity we will provide.


When using Bug Club, it is important you are answering the questions carefully, by referring to the text to find the correct evidence to support your answers. Your teachers will be monitoring your answers carefully, so ensure you are putting in the same effort that you would at school.


When answering reading comprehension and vocabulary questions, remember to be using taught techniques from school and annotate the questions and text, remembering to also refer to the text in your answers to support your points. A good tip is to read the questions first before you read the text, so you have a rough idea on where the clues for the questions and answer may be. 


It is important you are reading everyday to help you develop your reading skills as well as learn new vocabulary, which will make your spoken language and writing even better! These skills will help you later on in life and out of school, not just for your learning in school so please ensure you are reading regularly. 



Bug Club website link 


L.O: To improve my work using the best sentence structures I know.


Today will be about proof -reading your work to ensure it is of a Year 5 standard. Using the Year 5 TAF, please highlight and demonstrate what you have achieved in your writing. A copy of the TAF has been uploaded for you. It will almost be like a checklist for you.


Example of highlighting:

Standing at the entrance of the towering opening of the deserted tomb, I felt a foreboding sense of trepidation fill me. Nevertheless, after all this time of searching, I knew I had to go in. I slowly stepped forward and entered the ancient tomb…


Fronted adverbials

Red ink – expanded noun phrase

Subordinate clause


Once you have finished your learning, it is crucial you spend at least 20 minutes on MyMaths or Times Table Rockstars (swapping between them each day), to ensure you are reviewing your learning and revising your maths skills making them stronger. Please let your teachers know on Seesaw if you are struggling to log on. 


My Maths website link .

Times Table Rockstars website link



LO: To research Ancient Egyptian food and drink.


You need to:


1. Read the Ancient Egyptian food and drink information sheet that is provided.

2. Complete the activity sheet.

3. Do your own research on Ancient Egyptian food and drink.

4. Using the information sheet provided and your own research, create a leaflet on Ancient Egyptian food and drink.


Possible websites for research:


Good Morning Year 5!


Good morning Year 5,


Bookworms – That’s the answer to yesterdays joke! Today, I have a tip to keep a positive attitude: avoid spreading gossip. The mere act of saying things - whether or not they are true - behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to their face is negative. It can be hard to avoid gossip, but simply refuse to get involved. You’ll actually find that you feel lighter when not carrying the weight of secrets. And, when you’re not talking about other people, you can feel more confident that others are keeping their lips zipped about you. And that’s a reason to feel optimistic. Anyways, back to studying! Don’t worry, you are only few hours away from starting your weekend. Keep up the determination and keep striving hard for your learning – it will be worth it in the end!


You will find all the work for today under its sections, please complete them to the best of your ability. If you require help, please ask adults or elder siblings for support, there are also many different resources online that can help you. You may also ask teachers for help via Seesaw. 


Please note: some answers to the tasks will be available at 3pm. Make sure you come to check the answers and self-mark your answers.


Happy learning!


Miss Ahmed