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Good afternoon to you all!

Your teachers are back again to check on you.  How did the day go?  We hope it has gone very well with lots of you completing all tasks successfully.  We appreciate your efforts and resilience!   A very great well done to all of you!  What did you like about the fiction “The Crime Solver”?  Did you come across new vocabularies?  Did you manage to work the meaning out from the text?  We hope you have well advanced in answering open ended questions.  

How was writing?  You will have the opportunity to complete your stories next week.  You can revisit your writing and make corrections where necessary over the weekend.  I hope they are going to be the best narratives that you have ever written.  We cannot wait to read your stories next week!

I hope the handwriting went well.  You may assess this week’s handwriting against the previous and see how best you have improved in joining up your letters. 

I believe you enjoyed the music sessions and ready to demonstrate your skills in dancing to your family!  Well done for taking part in all lessons this week.  Have fun this weekend and remain safe. 

Thank you,

Ms V.Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers

Good Morning Year 4

It’s Friday again! I hope you are finding the week’s learning much fun and ready to finish it off today’s work so that you can have a break.

The day starts with a reading comprehension task. Read the text “The Crime Solvers” carefully and answer all the questions thoroughly. Also, log in to bug club to read other books to develop your reading and comprehension skills. 

Log in and follow Joe Wick’s exercise for some energy. Invite other family members to join you.

Have a look at the teachers writing plan for this week.  Revisit the story plan and your story boards per yesterday and see if there are changes that you want to make.  You are to write the first part of the highwayman as a narrative using your ideas on your plan.  You have also been provided with examples to you help you with your writing.  Be very creative!  Include elements of narrative writing that you have learnt to make your stories very interesting.  We know you are good at using sentence openers, interesting vocabulary, dialogue and a range of punctuation marks.  Share with us your learning via the seesaw app. 

For today’s maths, Please visit BBC Bitesize webpage link below to access your daily maths learning.   There is also a Data Handling Mastery Challenge for you to complete as an extension task. There are other challenging learning online that you can practise to extend your understanding about the concepts that you learn each week.  In addition to the above, practise your tables daily by logging on to TTRockstar.  Use the sound check to monitor your progress. 

For handwriting practice, you are to use the skills you have acquired in handwriting practice to copy the poem neatly and correctly.  Please ensure that your letters are correctly formed and joined.  Pay attention on the letter size and let them sit on the lines. 

With Music, log in and complete the various tasks on the website.  Prepare for a performance of songs using songs previously explored. 

Please remember to share some of your learning with your teachers.

Thank you very much. 

Ms V. Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers


Good afternoon



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