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 'The Ickabog'-JK Rowling 

Chapter 35- Lord Spittleworth's Proposal

Chapter 36 -Cornucopia Hungry

Vocabulary check 

Use the internet/dictionary to find the definitions of the following words before you start reading the text. Write the definitions down in your homework book so that you can refer to them while you are reading.








Read chapters 35 and 36 from - The Ickabog- 


Answer the reading comprehension questions below: 



Where was Lady Eslanda when the soldiers kidnapped her? 

‘…he forced her to deliver messages to all Lady Eslanda’s friends, telling them that her mistress had decided to become a nun.’  Explain why was it important for Spittleworth to send this message to her friends. 

What about this news (Lady Eslanda becoming a nun) made her friends suspicious? 

Who decided to do nothing to find Lady Eslanda? 

When Spittleworth goes to see Lady Eslanda in the library what is his proposal (offer)? 

How did Lady Eslanda enrage Spittleworth? 


What evidence is there that the tiny kingdom of Cornucopia had changed almost beyond recognition? 

Explain how the Ickabog tax was pushing people into poverty. 

How successful had Spittleworth been in persuading people that the Ickabog existed? 

Who were the Dark Footers? 

Give three reasons why Spittleworth needed to build more orphanages. 

Why did Hetty Hopkins leave her children at Ma Grunter’s orphanage? 



Write a detailed paragraph, explaining how Lady Eslanda demonstrated her  control over Spittleworth. 

Points to consider: 

  • Lady Eslanda has a plan of her own. 

  • She stays calm and rejects his marriage proposal. 

  • She lies and says that she doesn’t care about Captain Goodfellow so that she can protect him. 

  • Lady Eslanda stays calm and does not react when Spittleworth threatens her. 

  • Spittleworth leaves the library enraged -'As he couldn’t get another word out of her, the furious Chief Advisor left'. 



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