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Good Afternoon Year 4

We hope you had another day of amazing learning.  We hope you were able to edit your letters well and managed to include most of the features. Let’s see if the Highwayman will be able to escape from the trap the soldiers have set for him.  We are looking forward to read those letters beautifully presented. 

How did you find the Maths lesson today?  Try as much as you can to practise your tables on daily basis.  Have a go at the sound check to challenge yourself daily.  There are many online resources that your parents may be able to access to help you as well.

We hope you were able to use very neat and joined writing for the poem.  How did you find today’s music lesson?  Let’s have some feedback from you! 

Until we hear from you on Monday morning, we wish you the best over the weekend.  Enjoy the sun and remember to keep yourselves safe.

Thank you very much

Ms V. Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers   

Good Morning Year 4

We hope that you are all keeping well and looking forward to have fun in the sun.  We appreciate your efforts so much and we hope you continue with it.  The day starts with reading comprehension.  As you always do, remember to answer the questions well using full sentences where it is required.  I like it when you substantiate your responses with evidence from the text. Well done!

You need to tune in to Joe Wicks channel to get your energy levels up.  After your exercise, with full of energy, log on to BBC Bitesize for today’s Maths.  Please follow the guidelines and complete the tasks.  As you always do, send us some of your learning via the seesaw.  Well done to those children who have been completing additional learning!

With writing, you will be editing your informal letter using the checklist provided.  Also, ensure you include most features in it.  Check for any spelling and punctuation errors.  If you need to, please rewrite your letter using the skills you have acquired in handwriting sessions. 

In handwriting, rewrite a poem using joined letters throughout your writing.  Please ensure that your letters are of the same size and are sitting on the lines. 

End today’s learning with a very brief music session.  Please follow plans and enjoy the movement.  Show your dance skills to your family. 

We are looking forward to receiving more examples of your brilliant work this week.

Thank you very much.

Ms V. Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers