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Good Afternoon Year 4

We hope you enjoyed your learning today and looking forward to the weekend.  How did the reading go?  Were you able to complete all the questions?  You could complete a book review about the story that you read.  Were you also able to include different ways of expressing ideas in your diary entries as Tim?  Share some work via the seesaw app to your teachers.  I believe maths went well today.  Please revise your times tables too.  I am sure you enjoyed learning about how you can build good habits to help you with your mental well-being.  A massive well done to you all! 

Have some fun over the weekend and make sure you keep yourselves safe.

Ms V Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers

Good Morning Year 4

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying this week’s learning.  Once again, it’s going to be fun today too!  You are going to test your comprehension skills by logging into your BugClub account (Active Learn).  Select a book from you colour band and attempt all the questions about the text. Remember to answer the questions fully.   

How did your diary planning go?  Did you include different techniques of expressing your ideas in different ways?  To complete your diary writing, you are to use your plan to help you write your diary entry as Tim.  Look at the various diary entries from Bess point of view to help you with your writing.  Ensure you edit it against the success criteria. 

For Maths, you are to visit BBC Bitesize Link to access your daily tasks. Please complete the tasks and share some of your learning with your teacher.   Remember to revise your times table too. 

In Grammar lesson, you are to use apostrophes and commas correctly within the sentences.  Please read teachers notes for some guidelines. 

PSHE is about how you can learn build good habits to support your mental health and develop a positive mind-set. Share with your teacher some of your thoughts. 

It’s nice to end the day with fun stuff!

 Follow teacher’s notes for more information about today’s music lesson and remember to prepare for a performance of songs and activities from the year. 

Have a great day!

Ms Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 teachers

Reading Comprehension