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Morning Message-Friday 12th June 2020

 Good Morning Y6, 

I hope you are all safe and well. This week has been lovely since we have seen some faces in school. It has also been an interesting week as staff and children have been discussing the impact of the Coronavirus on our everyday lives. We have also learnt about “Perspective Taking”, “Choosing Optimism” and “Savouring Happy Experiences”. Discussions in class have been great and we have learnt to stay positive and optimistic in all situations. I hope that you have also been keeping up with PSHE activities this week.

Remember to keep up with your daily reading, writing and Maths activities so that you don't struggle when you return to school. Teachers are monitoring your use of seesaw and bug club. Should you need support with these, please don't hesitate to ask.

Make sure you complete the Jo Wicks PE activity as well. 

Hope you have a good day.

I'll catch up with you later.

Mrs Acquah-Aikins


Daily Timetable/Activities




'The Ickabog'-JK Rowling


Chapter 13-The Accident


Vocabulary check

Use the internet/dictionary to find the definitions of the following words before you start reading the text. Write the definitions down in your homework book so that you can refer to them when you are reading.


fetid water








Read Chapter- Chapter 13-The Accident   from JK Rowling's (author of the Harry Potter series) new book- The Ickabog- (make sure that you take into account the punctuation when reading)


Answer the reading comprehension questions below:

Why was Spittleworth feeling his way with his feet?

How does the author show that  they couldn't see very well?

Who are the two lords blaming for the situation that they are in?

 Explain what the author means in the following sentence-Though Spittleworth and Flapoon knew perfectly well that there was no such thing as an Ickabog, their insides didn’t seem quite so sure.How can your insides be unsure?

What effect is entering the marsh having on their friendship?

When does Spittleworth come up with the plan?

Why do you think Captain Roach agrees?

Do you think the King will uncover the truth?





Think about the descriptions of the Ickabog from chapter 2 to those of the old man; the King and Lord Spittleworth. Is the Ickabog real? Yes/No. Explain your answer


Don't forget to use the range of y6 punctuation in your response. ! , : ; ? ( ) " ".  In your paragraph use different types of sentences, simple; compound and complex.


By now you should be proof-reading and editing your work throughout the writing process and one final time when you have finished. Before you post your work onto seesaw, underline one example of each type of sentence and circle one example of each of the different types of punctuation that you have used.


Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



Visit the BBC Bitesize daily lesson website here: and complete the lesson on Algebra:  Calculating time in football. You can watch the videos first to help you, then complete the activities and mark them. If you are finding it difficult, you can use your CGP study guides to help you; re-watch the videos or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



Complete this 10mins Spag quiz  Click Spag the click on Test 3. The test is timed.  In your home learning books make a note of the question/s that you didn't answer correctly. Revise those questions.



Don't forget to practise your spellings!




Exciting paintings





Choose from one of the following:





CGP workbooks