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Afternoon message- Friday 5th June 2020

Hello again Year 6,

I hope you have had a fantastic learning today.  A massive well done to you all for the effort you continue to make with your home learning. Please upload work on seesaw so your teachers can appreciate all the brilliant learning taking place at home.

 I would like to wish you all a very restful, relaxing weekend. We are also very excited to see some of you on Monday. Please remember not to bring anything with you: books, book bags, packed lunches, pencil cases etc and don’t come in your school uniforms. Wear your own clothes.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe!

Mrs Acquah-Aikins

Morning Message.

Good morning Year 6. I do hope you are all keeping well and doing your best to stay safe. It is already Friday and I believe you have been enjoying the new book by J K Rowling. some of you have also produced some fantastic pieces of writing.Well done! This morning, all your teachers are meeting to plan some exciting activities for next week. We are all excited to see some of you on Monday and please remember not to bring any books or book bags. 

For today, please try your best to complete all activities on the time table. Enjoy your learning today.

Mrs Acquah-Aikins.

Daily Timetable/Activities




The Ickabog - JK Rowling


Chapter 7- 'Lord Spittleworth Tells Tales' and Chapter 8 'The day of the Petition'


Vocabulary check

Use the internet/dictionary to find the definitions of the following words before you start reading the text. Write the definitions down in your homework book so that you can refer to them when you are reading.













Read Chapter 7- 'Lord Spittleworth Tells Tales'  & 'Chapter 8 -'The day of the Petition' from JK Rowling's (author of the Harry Potter series) new book- The Ickabog- (make sure that you take into account the punctuation when reading)

What adjective does Lord Spittleworth use to describe the fight? Why?

How do you know that Kind Fred did not know about the fight?

'But King Fred was amused rather than disturbed'

Look at the quote above, why would the king react in this way?

Why did Lord Spittleworth and Flapoon exchange looks behind the king's back?

‘Your Majesty is, as ever, the very soul of kindness,’ said Spittleworth.

 Look at the above quote, What effect is this flattery intended to have on King Fred? 

What effect does the following sentence have on the reader? 'The candles sputtered a little in their silver sticks.' 

Why did the Major's smile fade when he was questioned by King Fred?

Why did King Fred cut him off after he mentioned the seamstress?


Chapter 8

What effect had the words: Selfish, vain, and cruel had on King Fred? Why?

When did he decide to do something kind?

Where did he summon the Beamishes? Why?

Why didn't giving Bert the medal make the King feel better about himself?

What was he trying to prove to the people when he refused to wear his extravagant clothes?

And would a selfish king hurry to meet simple people who wanted favours from him? thought Fred. No, he wouldn’t!

Read the above quote, What is the King trying to prove to himself and the people?



Write a recount of King Fred's reaction to the news that he is Selfish, vain, and cruel. Think about how this makes him feel? Why is he so concerned by it? What are the drastic measures he is taking to change his public image?


Don't forget to use the range of y6 punctuation in your response. ! , : ; ? ( ) " ".  In your paragraph use different types of sentences, simple; compound and complex.


By now you should be proof-reading and editing your work throughout the writing process and one final time when you have finished. Before you post your work onto seesaw, underline one example of each type of sentence and circle one example of each of the different types of punctuation that you have used.


Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



 Can you complete this maths quiz in 10mins? Click on the link to start- At the end of the quiz, write down all the questions you didn't answer correctly and revise those topics.



Visit the BBC Bitesize daily lesson website here: and writing a story


 You can watch the videos first to help you, then complete the activities and mark them.




Design and Technology skills






Don't forget to practise your spellings!





Choose from one of the following:





CGP workbooks