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Good Afternoon Year 4


How did the day go?  Did you manage to complete tasks successfully?  I am sure you have already posted your teachers some samples.  We are looking forward to read them. 

Were you able to do additional Maths?  Remember, you were told to make up your own set of questions to extend your learning.  You can do this over the weekend if you could not make it.  I will encourage you to revise the times table too. 


How was literacy?  Do you think your posters and the description will help the police to arrest the highwayman?  Again, we need some samples of your recorded learning. 

We hope you have drawn and written about how you can manage your emotions.  It will benefit other members in your family, so I will encourage you to share your thoughts with them.


Keep your recorded learning for Design and Technology safe for the next lesson.  Save all the food packages and other resources for the project.

Well done and thank you all for working hard this week!  Enjoy the weekend and remember to stay safe!

Miss Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers

Good Morning to you all!

Let us go through the plan for the day.

We continue to develop our reading comprehension skill by reading and answering the questions about “A boy called Mouse”.  It’s important to read it few times.  Work out the meaning of the new vocabulary or you may use the dictionary. 

Follow Joe Wicks’ exercise program for some physical training. 

In writing, you are to design a poster.  You will be drawing a “wanted poster” for The Highwayman from the Ballard.  Please read teacher’s notes about the description of the highwayman to guide you create your poster.  You have been provided with vocabulary to help with the description of the highwayman.  Please use as many words that you can to help you build up your noun phrases about a character. 


In Maths, follow the link that you have been given.  Complete the all tasks in your workbooks.  There are answers to help you mark your recorded learning.  Please set up additional tasks to extend your learning should you have extra time. It’s also important to revise the times table and revisit the concepts that we have covered so far. 


PSHE this week is about how we deal with our emotions-anger.   We experience a wide range of emotions on a daily basis and hence, need to know how we can control it effectively.  Please follow the plan and complete the task in your books.   We will expect samples of learning from you via the SEESAW. 


Design and Technology is very interesting indeed! Watch a clip/video as part of your investigation about musical instruments.  You have to read the notes to be able to complete the task.  For the next few weeks, you will be designing and making musical instrument using recycled materials.  I will advise that you collect as many resources that you can.  You may make more than one instrument.


Please video record yourself in the process and share with your teachers on SEESAW. 


Ms Obeng-Yeboah and Year 4 Teachers