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Good Afternoon Year 4

How did the day go?  Hope you managed your time well and have been able to complete today’s tasks.  Well done to all of you!

Your teachers are looking forward to read some of your poems over the weekend.    Please revisit the maths questions that you struggled with and see if you can do some revision.  

How did the music go?  Was it fun at all?  Tell us about how you enjoyed it. 

You may choose to do a short writing task about the weekend using some adverbial phrases. 

Remember to practise your times table, spellings and have some fun too!

Have a great half term break.  Stay safe!

Ms Obeng-Yeboah and The Year 4 Teachers

Good Morning   Year 4

I hope you are well and looking forward to do today’s learning!   Let’s get our brains in action by reading a Biography about Queen Elizabeth and responding to the different questions.  Please answer them fully. 

Find time to do some exercise by following Joe Wicks keep fit activities on the you tube. 

Today’s maths is Arithmetic.   Please complete the task and ensure that you check your answers with an adult.   Please share your learning with your teacher using the seesaw app. 

I hope literacy has been fun this week.  Now that you’ve been introduced to two different types of poems, you’re going to spend time writing poems using the features.   Write two Cinquain and two haiku poems. (See worksheets to support)   Follow the teachers plan to guide you through today’s writing.  Why not take pictures of some of your writing and ask your parents to email them to or post some examples in your seesaw app, we can’t wait to read some of your writing.

Complete the grammar task by adding adverbial phrases to make the sentences complete.  Ensure that you punctuate your writing correctly. 

In Music, log into your Yumi account and complete the set tasks. 

Have Fun with your learning!

Ms Obeng-Yeboah and The Year 4 Teachers