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Joe Wicks is back for another week to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.


LO: To effectively using communication skills to recite a poem.


Once you have written the poem, and thoroughly edited it, please find someone to perform it to.


Here is a list of tips to keep in mind for your performance:

- Make sure you read clearly and loudly, so each word can be heard.

- Read with expression, use the commas to create impact and pause.

- Don't rush the poem, read through it calmly and match the tone of your voice to the topic of the poem.

- If there is a rhythm in your poem, make sure you use it!


Refer to this week's videos on Monday's page if you are unsure. 


Your class teachers would be more than happy to see and hear a performance from you which you can upload to Seesaw.


LO: To understand the importance of creating secure passwords.


You need to:

1. Watch Horrible Histories clip – what went wrong and how could it be avoided?

Horrible Histories: 


2. Make a brainstorm on: 1. Why we need passwords?  2. What examples of secure passwords are? 3. Why we should keep passwords private?


3. Test out some passwords via the password tester site – can you find ‘rules’ for making passwords more secure / taking longer to hack?

Password tester site:


4. Create a poster about the importance of creating secure passwords.

Consider the following:

- audience

- set of rules

- slogan

- discuss making passwords secure – adding in numbers / capitals / non-alpha-numeric characters can make it harder for hackers to crack the password.