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Important - Use Seesaw to share your learning with your teacher!


Download the Seesaw Class app. Use the 12-digit personal text code, sent via email.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

Good Afternoon Everyone!


How did the day go?  I bet you enjoyed completing today's tasks successfully.  We are waiting to read from you the different stories that you have written. You may also share samples with your teacher using the SEESAW app.


 Find time to evaluate your learning so that you can improve on it next week. 

Continue using TTRockstar and do reading the books that have been allocated on Bug Club.  Let us know if you encounter any problem. 

A “BIG WELL DONE” to those children who have been posting samples of their learning.  Your teachers are very proud of you.


Have a restful weekend and we hope to hear from you next week.  Stay safe too!

Ms Obeng-Yeboah and the Year 4 Team

Good Morning Year 4

I hope you are fine and well prepared to finish off the week’s learning today.  You have all been super learners and we are really proud of you. 

Today’s reading comprehension must be answered as fully as you can.  Remember to have a family member check your answers. 

Continue with your daily exercise by following the Joe Wicks You Tube link as you always do.  Hope you are having fun with it.  To make it more fun, include your family. 

It is Maths challenge today!  You must watch a video which shows how you can solve the challenge.  Complete the task sheet and post Ms Radcliffe some of your completed learning.    This is the link for today’s maths.    //     In addition to this, please use TTRockstars and make up your own challenge to extend your learning. 

For your writing session, you will be completing your story.  Please follow teachers’ guidelines.  Re-read through the previous writing and finish it off.  Remember to incorporate the writing elements stated in the plan to make your stories read well.  

In Music, log into “Yumi,” listen and appraise yesterday.  Follow the notes given and enjoy the session.

Have fun!

Ms Obeng-Yeboah & The Year 4 Team

Reading Comprehension

Music- 01.05.20


In Music today, you will need to log into "Yumi" then listen and appraise yesterday-yesterday then do the same from with -" Let it be".