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Good Afternoon Year 4. 

How did the day go?   I believe you managed to complete tasks successfully.  

We are looking forward to read some of the descriptions of the scene.  Did you include interesting openers and other elements in your writing?  You may find time over the weekend to do some editing if you could not do so today.  Share your writing with your family and don’t forget teachers love to read from you too!!!  Post Ms Radcliffe ( some samples so we can celebrate your success with you. 

I trust Maths went well.  It’s important to learn your tables so practise it over the weekend.   Create problems involving multiplication and division for your older siblings to solve.

What about the DT?  Hope you have showed your drawing skills in this learning.  Post samples please.

I followed the movement in the music lesson and it really made my day.  I know you loved it all.

We wish you a Safer Weekend.  Make sure you have some good rest time and we will be back on Monday.

Thank You.

Ms Obeng-Yeboah and The Year 4 Team


Good Morning Year 4!!! 

It’s been a fantastic week and I hope you are looking forward to complete the week’s learning today.  Well done to you all for your resiliency and your efforts to stay safe.   

As always, start the day by reading a passage to be able to complete some comprehension questions.  Remember to read it few times and ensure you apply reading strategies when you come across unfamiliar vocabulary or phrases.  Please use good full sentences in your answers to show full understanding of the text.

May I remind you to follow Joe Wicks YouTube link for some physical exercise. 

To further develop your maths skills, please complete the set task by logging in to My Maths.  In addition to that, please practise TTRockstar Multiplication and division.  Use sound check to see the progress you are making each day, and set target where possible.

Literacy has been fun so far.  You are to write a detailed description of a scene in two paragraphs.  Attached to the teacher’s plan is teachers’ example to read.  This will give you an idea as to how your recorded learning should read like.  Please use the sample as your starting point for your writing.  At the bottom is a list of what we expect you to include in the writing. Post some of your recorded learning to Ms Radcliffe.

Follow the link for your Design and Technology task.  It’s all fun.  Extend your learning by researching about Lifebuoys to accompany your drawing. 

Lastly, end the day with music.  Log into YUMU and follow it.  Enjoy it all. 

Have some fun over the weekend and remember to stay safe. 

Ms Obeng-Yeboah and The year 4 Team.