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Friday 22nd May

A very good afternoon to you all!


Hope your learning went well and you enjoyed your activities.

Hopefully, you were able to gain some new knowledge and have had fun doing so in the comfort of your homes.


Well done, you got through another day! How did you get on with your tasks for today?

The answers to the tasks are available so don't forget to self-mark your answers before sending us your learning on Seesaw.


Also, remember to carry out your home learning by logging on to: My Maths, TT Rock Stars and Bug Club during the half term holiday.


Well done to all the students who have logged in today! Your teachers are monitoring this closely. Ensure you are reading daily for at least 30 minutes.


During the half term break, you will have lots of fun activities to do including the chance to win a tablet!!!. Make sure you log on next week to find out how to win this incredible prize!!! 


The teachers will see all your learning after the half term break.

We will see you on June 1st.


Have a safe half term break!

Mrs. Ajmal (Vjollce Class)

Good morning year 3s,


I hope you are all well and healthy and have been enjoying the learning that has been set for you. Today we have more fun and engaging learning for you to get stuck in to. Keep being strong – you can do this. Keep up the good work and please note that we’re all proud of you.


Kick start your day with Joe Wicks and get your energy going to start your tasks for the day ahead.


Today in your home learning you have following lessons to do:


Writing: You have been compiling a newspaper report either on The Trojan Horse story or The Beginnings of the Olympics. You must have written what happened when the Greek Army left the horse, Odysseus’ idea about the Trojan horse.


Now, it is time to collect all of your gathered information and write neatly as a complete report. Please include all the key features of a newspaper report including a picture and its caption.


SPAG: In today’s lesson, you will need to complete the sentences by changing the singular noun into a plural noun and by adding an apostrophe to show possession.


The second activity is to identify the wrong apostrophes and write the correct apostrophes. You need to read all the instructions carefully before you start your activities.


Reading: Please log in to your BUG CLUB and read the allocated books. Make sure you complete your book by answering the comprehension questions.


RE: You have been learning about Hanukkah (Jewish festival of light). Today you will learn about the significance of light in a religion.


Maths: Good luck with your Friday’s challenge. Also, do not forget to do your daily timetables practice on TT Rockstar.


I hope you all have a great day.

Mrs. Ajmal (Vjollce class)