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Friday 15th May

Dear children,


I hope you had a wonderful day. So what did you take away from your learning? I hope you will work on remembering everything and using your school work to research further and expand your knowledge.


I hope your PE session energised you and gave you vitality, ready for the day’s learning.


For Grammar, I am sure you wrote some amazing sentences using the new verbs you formed from the nouns and adjectives. Why don’t you upload them onto Seesaw? Make sure you underline the key word you have used for your teachers to see.


Upload your Greek comic strips too. I would love to see them.


How are you all getting on with doing maths word problems? Did you number each step to guide your calculation and how will you get better on your next set of word problems?


I am sure you learned a lot of information about Hanukkah. Why don’t you create a fact sheet of your learning and upload onto Seesaw?


For Reading, you could now complete a book review and upload it for all your teachers to see.


Don’t forget to log onto Bugclub, My Maths, TTRockstars and Purple Mash over the weekend.

Thank you to all of you for your efforts and I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Best wishes.

Mrs Johal (Guduud class)

Dear children,


I hope you had a brilliant day of learning yesterday. Thank you to all of you who are learning to the best of your ability. It means that you are putting all your effort into each piece of work and that makes us teachers hugely proud of you. Today we have some magnificent learning lined up for you.


PE: Remember to perform each movement with precision and poise.


Grammar: You will be converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using suffixes. Always extend your learning by writing sentences using new words that you have learned and remember to extend your sentences using conjunctions.


Writing: You will be making a Greek comic strip.


Maths: There are some serious challenges up for grabs in today’s maths lesson. After all the battles you have been completing on Times Table Rock Stars, I am sure you are ready to soldier your way through them. Go for it! Remember to use all the strategies you have been taught about word problems. Some of them will be multiple steps which means that you might have to do more than one calculation to get the answer. Role play the problems to help you.


Reading: You will be reading in your Bug club library


In RE, you will be learning about Hanukkah.


Make each piece of work, the best you have ever done and ensure that it is beautifully presented. We are so proud of each and every one of you and even more so, of the children who relentlessly complete all their learning and then upload their work onto Seesaw. Your efforts are being noticed; so thank you again to parents and children who are going the extra mile and engaging with their teachers through their learning.


If you haven’t loaded any learning onto the Seesaw website, then now is a good time to start doing this. Your teachers can see your learning and you will get some positive feedback and next steps too.


Have a great day of learning

Mrs Johal (Guduud class)