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Friday 10th July

Hello Year 3 and good afternoon!


Another week down and only 2 weeks to go! 


I hope you all had a lovely day and week of home learning. I am sure you are all excited to meet your new year 4 teacher so if you would like your Year 3 teacher to pass your new year 4 teacher on a message, let them know on Seesaw!


All of us cannot wait to watch you perform your poetry, we hope you have enjoyed rehearsing and performing! 


The Maths challenges were very tricky today! I think they may be the toughest set of challenges you have ever had on a Friday during home learning! let your teacher know how you got on.


Have a wonderful weekend everybody and we will be back on Monday for the penultimate (can you find out what this word means?) week of Year 3.



Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)

Happy Friday year 3!


How is it Friday already!?


Well done to you all for working so hard with your home learning again this week and one more day of home learning this week before you can have a restful weekend.


Starting with P.E where you have been practising your relaxation exercises this week, you will be doing the rainbow waterfall guided relaxation exercises.


For Writing, this is what all your teachers are excited about....seeing you perform your poetry! Remember, performing poetry is not just reading your poem out loud, it is using your voice and body to bring your poem to life!


Good luck with you Friday Maths challenge!


You will be carrying on with learning about the determiners, 'a' and 'an' for SPaG.


Log on to your Bug Club for your reading today. Make sure to let your teacher know if you need any new books allocated to you!


Finally, in R.E, you will be learning about a Gurdwara, the buildings where Sikh's worship and and pray.


Don't forget to send your live poetry performances and all your other learning to your teacher on Seesaw! laugh


Have a great day everybody.

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple Class)