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Find out what writing is happening in my child's class

How do pupils at Gascoigne feel about their learning in Writing?


Here is what two Year 4 pupils had to say about their learning in Literacy...



What do you like best about your learning in Literacy?

I like using descriptive language and expanded noun phrases.

I like to write stories. It lets our teachers know how we are doing and what we need to improve on.


What do you like about the Literacy and Language resources?

The texts are eye catching. They are interesting to read. They make you want to go on.


What do you like about the Whole School Writing Focus weeks?

(Conmen Construction Company) It was fun. It helped us (to write) because it was something we actually did in real life. It creted an image in your mind that gives us an idea. It was like a satellite view-point.


Rohith and Sanjana - Year 4 Green Class