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Family Representatives of Gascoigne School (FRoGS)

Kelly and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our FROGS.The Festive Bazaar was such a Great Success because of your of your Hard work, Help and Continued Commitment.

The FRoGS decided that they would like to Decorate Diva's to celebrate Diwali.

They would then be sold before and after school.

The Diva's would be £1.00 each.


Our coffee morning parents and carers took part in this activity and all used their creative skills to make unique and beautiful Diva's.


" Meet the FRoGS "








P.T.A (F.R.o.G.S) Meeting 24th September 2019


We have had some changes over the past year, within our P.T.A with many of our original parents who were involved in the P.T.A taking on new challenges of their own.  Such as going back into full-time employment, having a new baby to look after or moving out of the area.


However exciting times lay ahead and the the P.T.A has regrouped, with some enthusiastic parents excited to become part of our newly formed P.T.A working alongside some of our original P.T.A members.


Today we held our first meeting with our current F.R.o.G.S, please see names below.














and of course Marie and I.


Today we discussed the purpose of the P.T.A  and how when families work together in partnership with the school the whole community benefits!  



  • Points Discussed today:


  • Upcoming events.


  • Macmillan Coffee Morning - Cake Sale 26th September 2019


  • Harvest Festival - Collection 7th October 2019


  • Diwali Workshop - 15th October 2019


  • Festive Food Market - 12th December 2019


Thank you to everyone who attended today, Marie and I are both looking forward to being part of the newly reformed F.R.o.G.S. 


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 8th October at 9:00 a.m. Everyone welcome!



PTA Meeting 29th January 2018

New Year, New Challenges



Calendar of the year

Main events




 Summer Fete - Action Plan.


 Recruiting Class Representatives.

 PTA Newsletter/Publicity.

A.O.B – PTA Contact Details – Volunteers for Movie Night? Fund Raising Ideas.


Date for next PTA meeting to be agreed Shaftesburys site.

Meeting Minutes Friends of Gascoigne School PTA
22nd of January 2018

FROGS Meeting Minutes

Date: 22nd of January 2018


Anne Bragg

Kelly Mckinnon

Farharna Yesmin

Lindsay Halls



Apologies: Emma Styf, Emma Burton. Jorna .

Minute Taker: Anne Bragg



  1. Welcome/Apologies.


  1. Name a person in charge with Coffee Morning every other week.


  1. Methods for recruiting new PTA members.


  1. Calendar of events.


  1. Summer Fete calls.


  1. AOB



We were unable to vote for new Chair of PTA as there were limited members of the PTA at the meeting. It was suggested that names are put forward next week and then all around the table can vote the next chair person in.



It was discussed that we would try and recruit new members of the PTA by handing out fliers in the playground and giving them to members of staff on gate duty to distribute.

We have agreed to target early years nursery tomorrow 23/1/18 with coffee morning leaflets to ensure they are aware this is taking place and to try and increase numbers. This will be for the next two weeks and then we can promote to another audience in the school.

Anne, Kelly Ruby and Hafsa to give leaflets out to parents as they leave nursery.

Anne and Kelly to prepare leaflet.


Anne and I will also speak to teachers to see if they are able to identify parents who they feel might like to be part of the PTA. Targeting early years first.


Calendar of events – The members present agreed to come back next week with a list of potential calendar events and we could select which ones we would fundraise for.


We are all in agreement that the meeting needs to start on time and where ever possible members must be on time as a matter of respect.


School Fete. It was agreed that we always struggle with volunteers for stalls, therefore it was agreed it would be beneficial for all to have as many businesses in as possible so they could organise their own stalls.

Discussion re opening stalls to parents to sell their own bric a brac.

It was decided that this could be an event that maybe run on their own Rumble Tumble Jumble –maybe in a coffee morning.

It was decided to just open the fete up to businesses this year. The cost to have a stall would be £20.

All stall holders must discuss with Anne or Kelly and pay a deposit.

Ruby to look to see if there is a booking form.


Next meeting is 29th of January 1.30pm



PTA Meeting 23rd November 2016


This was our second meeting to formally elect members of the committee to form Gascoigne Primary School’s first PTA.

Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which is an organisation of parents and staff.  Its role is to encourage closer links between home and school.  PTAs are best known for their fundraising work, but they have a useful social function too.  Fundraising events provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to get together.


During the meeting we elected a PTA Chair, PTA Vice Chair, PTA Treasurer’s, PTA Secretary and a PTA Quarter Master.


Mirela Gorun (Parent) – Chair

PTA Chair – The Chair provides leadership and governance for the PTA committee, sets the agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the Agenda.

This role has significant interaction with the school head (President of the PTA committee), the Treasurer, the fundraising co-ordinator and the PTA Secretary.


Emma Burton (Parent) – Vice Chair

PTA Vice Chair – The vice chair provides support to the PTA chair in their initial year in post and after the initial year moves to the position of PTA Chair.  Any individual therefore taking on the role of Vice-chair would be expected, in normal circumstances, to commit to two years on the PTA committee.

In addition to providing backup for meetings where the chair is unable to be present it is envisaged that the role of vice chair would formally take on a number of liaison roles to reduce the workload of the chair.  These would be agreed in advance between the chair and vice chair in the initial appointment.


Kelly McKinnon – Family Liaison Practitioner – PTA Secretary

The Secretary is a key Committee Member and ensures that the PTA runs smoothly.  The Secretary provides a link between Committee Members and the PTA, and between the PTA and the School.


Loredana Pintilei (Parent) – Treasurer

Sahnaj Begum (Parent) – Treasurer

PTA Treasurer – One of the key roles of the Committee is to manage and control the Funds the PTA raises.  All Committee members have equal responsibility for the control and management of the PTA’s funds.  The Treasure plays an important part in helping the Committee carry out these duties properly.


Anne Bragg – Family Liaison Practitioner – PTA Quarter Master

One of the key roles of the Committee is to manage and control the resources of the PTA.  The Quartermaster should record all acquisition and disposals. The Quartermaster is responsible for the central and cost effective acquisition of all items required by PTA events.


During our meeting the PTA  chose the name  F.R.O.G.S







The Chair raised the point that the main vision for the PTA was to:

Raise money, both for the school and for charity.

Improve home school links.

Bring the community together.


The committee hopes to involve more parents and staff with a view of having a representative for each year group.


Our next PTA meeting is on 7th December at 2.00 pm on the Shaftesbury Site in the meeting room.  During this meeting we will be discussing our first fundraising event our Christmas Bazaar.


Apologies received from Regina Khan (Parent) who was unable to attend but has expressed an interest of being part of the committee and Mrs Marie Attar