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​In July 2016, Miss Preston, Ms Johnson and our pupils were fortunate enough to meet with Cllr Sade Bright, Barking and Dagenham Councillor, Cabinet Member for Equalities and Cohesion.  The children wanted to speak about gender equality and why females don't seem to be given the same opportunities as males, for example famous chefs and sportspeople.  Cllr Bright spoke to them about how they can fulfil their own dreams and should never feel that gender is a barrier.

Equality Council and Miss Preston with Cllr Bright

The children have asked that they set up a special council who monitor equity and equality across the school, especially now that it is across two sites, so children feel that they have equal opportunities to their peers.

​Our first meeting was on Friday 18th November 2016.  At this meeting, the children elected the council members but would like to recruit four more boys to the membership.  They agreed that the membership would be made up of six boys and six girls from Year 6.  They will be looking to recruit from Year 5 in the summer term and hand over the responsibility for the following year.

​The children will post minutes from meetings on this page weekly; they will also encourage children to speak with them about any concerns they have.  The members will be recognisable by their black and white striped ties.

Our Equality Council meet every Friday lunchtime from 12:00pm until 1:00pm - they take over Miss Preston's room.  They choose a different Chair and Minute Taker every week.  They have now recruited all members of the Council and will publish their names soon.

The Equality Council are now responsible for updating this page every Friday with the latest information regarding what they are up to so please check in regularly.



You can identify the Equality Council members by their smart new ties! Please speak to them about any ideas you may have.

9th June 2017

The Equality Council had a very informative discussion with Rahat Ismail (LBBD Delivery Unit Project Manager) and David McCloy (LBBD Delivery Unit Manager); the theme of the conversation was 'Perceptions of Safety'.  The Council discussed how safe they felt in their locality - the Gascoigne Estate - and what they could do to help them feel safer.

The children described places that they felt unsafe in and what made them feel unsafe but were also able to talk about places where they felt secure and happy. They then made a pledge each - to make sure they played their part in making their locality a safe place.

The pledges will be published here soon.


An intense and very meaningful disussion...

16th May 2017

The Equality Council were fortunate enough to visit Barking town Hall and meet two very important leaders of Barking and Dagenham council - Cllr Darren Rodwell (Leader of the Council) and Cllr Saima Ashraf (Deputy Leader of the Council).

In the Chambers, Cllr Rodwell told the children all about the history of the borough and its famous links.  Cllr Ashraf spoke about diversity and equality and the children signed the borough's Equality Charter.

Cllr Rodwell then took the children to the Mayor's Chambers where they were allowed to wear the glamorous mayoral robes!

We were all inspired by the speeches from our two leaders - children and adults alike.



Friday 17th March

The Equality Council had a very challenging time today trying to talk about equality within football, at playtimes, without using the words: boy/boys and girl/girls.  We realised that we refer to gender even when we don't really need to - we are talking about skills and giving opportunities to develop skills.

The Shaftesburys Equality Council were given their ties in SOG assembly today - welcome aboard!

The first joint meeting will be Friday 24th March, in the Meeting Room at The Shaftesburys. 

Friday 10th March

Equality Council read through all applications and the following children have been chosen to become the Equality Council on The Shaftesburys site:

Portakalli Class - Manasvi, Habeebat, Toby

Komola Class - Cayane, Tasnim, Amy Lela, Mide

Osan Class - Riddhi, Raolat

Year 4 - Safa

Congratulations, we will be meeting soon.

Friday 3rd March

Today's meeting was cancelled as Miss Preston was showing some important people around the school at lunchtime and it was World Book Day.

Friday 24th February 2017


Ms Preston needs to order ties for the Year 5 Equality Council.

Discussed that it might be better for those who are applying to observe so they know what is expected before they commit themselves.  However, there has been a good response and many children have approached Miss Preston to argue why they would like this important role.

Equality Council will go through applications next week and let successful candidates know.

Friday 27th January

The Equality Council used the ICT Suite to work on their presentation.  Assembly date has been set for next week; the children will be asked to write a statement as to why they feel they are the best person for this role. Can't wait to see who applies!

Friday 20th January

The Equality Council worked on developing a presentation that they would use to recruit The Shaftesbury site Equality Council. Miss Preston will arrange a date when they can meet with Year 5 and Year 4 pupils on The Shaftesbury to talk about this exciting new role for them.

Friday 13th January 2017

Present: Lorida, Erald, Kledis, Erblina, Younes, Sarish, Bret, Gbenga

  • Started meeting by reading ' And Tango Makes Three' story and discussing feelings about the story.
  • Agreed motto for EC should be 'Same value; different appearance'.
  • Miss Preston to organise assembly at The Shaftesburys for Year 5 children - need to recruit Year 5 Equality Council ASAP.
  • Could come to one of our meetings to see expectation.
  • Questions to support recruitment:
  1. What does equality mean?
  2. Why do you think you will be good at this job?
  3. What is diversity?
  4. Have you ever been in a situation where someone treated you unfairly? What did you do about it?
  5. How do you think you can promote equality?
  6. If there was no equality, how would your experience of school be different?


  • The Equality Council will read 'My Princess Boy' in KS2 SOG assembly next week.

6th January 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Today the Equality Council met to discuss a new event which will take place sometime soon.  We are looking to arrange a themed day around 'Diversity' celebrating differences in: ability, disability, religion, gender, LGBT, ethnicity and culture.  Please check this page regularly for sneak peeks of our upcoming exciting event.

Friday 11th November 2016

The Equality Council met with Mrs Susan Lancaster from the Barking Rotary Club.  Mrs Lancaster would like to support Gascoigne Primary in setting up the first Rotakids Club in the borough.  This club will be focussed on fund raising and events to improve the local community.