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Dear Parents and Carers,


This week is Children’s Art week!


Over the past months, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how essential creativity and the visual arts are for learning, connecting and well-being. The theme for this year’s Art week is: The Natural World – Connecting with nature, to encourage children to get creative and active, improving their health and well-being, whilst having fun.


For their creations, Children will need to:


  • gather items for their artwork – berries, leaves, grass, stones, pebbles, bark, cones, branches, greenery, petals, plant/flower buds etc. This can be from a park, the woods, a beach, garden, school playground, etc. Please remind children to treat the environment with respect and be mindful of how much or where they pick things from.
  • Use the collected natural materials and decide how they want to create their artwork. While there is no restriction on the size of their artwork, they must be able to take a photo of it.
  • Take a photo of their artwork and share it with us via the class Seesaw app or tweet us using our twitter handle: @GascoigneSchool


Children can also create a song or musical soundscape to encapsulate all their favourite things about the natural world. They can make a rock pool puppet theatre, get creative and draw, paint, photograph or write a poem about the natural world.


Please encourage children to send their artwork to us by the 20th of July 2020.


Remember to have lots of fun and we look forward to seeing all the creative work!

Now for the fun part! We would like all children to create a piece of natural artwork and share it with us. Each year group has been assigned a land art focus or artist to use as inspiration:





Printing with natural resources

Nature fairies


1 & 2




Mandala and land art using natural objects inspired by James Brunt, Richard Shilling, Andy Goldsworthy and Kathy Klein

Mandala Art

Kathy Klein  

Land Art

Richard Shilling

Andy Goldsworthy


3 & 4




Natural minibeasts

Animals and sea creatures

Year 5




Natural shapes and patterns inspired by Richard Long, Tim Pugh and Jon Foreman

Tim Pugh

Jon Foreman

Year 6

Nature portraits/self-portraits

Ben Wormald, Seaweed drawing on the beach

Extra challenges

Land Art Project

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Arte con materiales naturales

Elaboraciones con materiales sencillos

Les plus fabuleuses oeuvres Land Art de la planète

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