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Ekuqe Class Ms Jawaher


Welcome to your new class! 



What joy it is to see you all again!  
However, this time not as Buluug class, but as... *drum roll* 🥁 🥁 🥁 E Kuqe! 

We are about to start our fantastic journey in Year 2 and be amazing role models when we return to school.

I know you may be anxious 😟 thinking 💭 about what Year 2 would be like, but don’t worry we are all here to support you. 🤩🥰 

You are absolutely going to love Year 2 as we have so much planned for you! 🤩


Now that the summer ☀️ break is here, make sure you get creative 🎨 and have lots of fun. Enjoy going to the park 🌲 like I do and dance 💃 to your favourite songs. 🎶

While you keep yourself busy with all the fun, remember to set aside some time to do your learning. 

With a family member keep revisiting your learning and ensure you practise the following:

  • Handwriting (ascending and descending letters).
  • Writing simple sentences (capital letters, finger space and full stops). 
  • Number bonds (up to 20). 
    Times tables (2,5,10)
  • Counting on and back 0-100. 
  • Reading stories and answering questions about them. 

See you soon


Ms Jawaher 

Ms Jawaher ( Year 2 Teacher)