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Ekuqe Class

Hi Ekuqe class!! I hope you are well and looking forward to your fantastic summer break.Where has the time gone?? I can't believe its the last day and I can't say goodbye properly in person. Hopefully I will try to visit you all in September to see how you are getting onlaugh


You have all been a bright shining star in your own ways and I want you to continue shining and try your very best with your learning in year 3. We had so much fun as a class. What has been your highlight of being in Ekuqe class? Mine will definitely be our trip to The Tower of London and our popcorn cinema party we had in class. I wish we had more time together as a class but I am grateful for all the fun learning we have done this year. 


I want to send my heartwarming congratulations to all the children who have managed to get a golden star this year and tried really hard with their home learning everyday. The home learning was set up so that you don't miss any of your learning during lock down and when you go to year 3 you will feel prepared to start a new year.  


I wish the very best for everyone in Ekuqe class and I will miss you all so so muchsad. Make sure you show golden behaviour at home towards your adults and be that kind and helpful person we want you to be. Remember each and everyone of you are amazing at what you do and I know you will work even harder in year 3. 


I love you all so so much!!!


Hopefully see you soon!



Mrs Ali