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Easter Activities

Picture 1 'A mini space rocket' by Abdulazeez, Azul
Picture 2 Creative writing by Abdulazeez, Azul
Picture 3 RE-Noah and the Ark by Anaya, Blue
Picture 4 Benday dots Pop Art by Anaya, Blue
Picture 5 Imaginative writing by Anaya, Blue
Picture 6 Maths-comparing weights,
Picture 7 Maths-Finding halves by Ivayla, Blue
Picture 8 Facts about Pop Artist Roy, by Havish
Picture 9 Maths-making quarters by Ivaya, Blue
Picture 10 Facts about Florence Nightingale by Anaya, Blue
Picture 11 Maths-measurement by Anaya, Blue
Picture 12 Ivayla, Blue class enjoyscreating and painting
Picture 13 WOW, Look at Ivayla Blue class crawly caterpillar!
Picture 14 How tall is Ivayla, Blue class healthy bean plant?
Picture 15 Meeran, Azul class used Lego to create a city
Picture 16 Maths-making quarters by Ivayla
Picture 17 Pranav, E Kalter class, wonderful Pop Art
Picture 18 Maths-making halves and quarters by Pranav,EKalter
Picture 19 Facts about Florence Nightingale by Pranav,EKalte
Picture 20 Science investigation by Pranav, E Kalter