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Hello year 2, 


For your task today you will be exploring how to make a structure stiffer, stronger and more stable.


You will need to choose a model that you wish to make. Your model must be in relation to 'Coastlines', therefore it maybe a lighthouse, lifeguard tower or maybe a boat/ship.

What other things might you find at the coast? 


When we are being creative, it is important to think about the materials we are going to use. If I decide to construct a boat, I might create my boat out of a sheet of paper. But do you think this will be strong enough? Maybe I could use cardboard, because I know that the properties of cardboard are thicker and stronger than a piece of paper.


Think about how you could construct your model, you may find that different shapes help your model stand stronger, for example created circle or triangle shapes instead of square shapes.

Making your your model broader and with the right materials will make your object stronger and more stable.


You will need to decide which model you are going to create and brainstorm some ideas, identifying which materials you will use. How will you intend on making it strong. How will it stand? Could it be water resistant?


Remember to think back to all the materials we have looked at in our lessons, because in your next DT lesson you will be designing your models, so you must have a strong plan. Be as creative as you want. Remember folding and rolling materials makes a strong structure. What could you use to secure it? Maybe glue or cellotape.