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Hello Year 2,


For your DT task today, you will be planning to draw your very own sign. Think back to our Geography lessons and how we have been thinking about keeping the environment safe. It is your job to create your very own sign that you would put up to in your local community that will help to remind people to take care of it.


Think carefully about what would catch people’s eye as they were walking past. If its dull would they want to stop and read your sign? I know I wouldn’t, but if it was bright, colourful and catchy I would definitely stop and read it! 


Think about what might be on your poster and what your meaning behind it is. Make it bold so the passer-by is clear of the message you sending out. What message are you trying to send? It’s a good idea to research  some examples of signs to ensure that you are aware of the requirements, for example pictures, big bold writing and key words. You may think about asking people not to dump their rubbish in the road, maybe not to drop chewing gum on the floor, think about what you could change in our community to make things better.


You will need to brain storm your ideas on a mind map, because next week in your art lesson you will be putting your ideas straight to paper and drawing your very own sign.


Don't forget to send your brainstormed ideas to us on Seesaw, we would love to see how creative you all are! Enjoy!