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Design and technology curriculum


The Design and technology curriculum at Gascoigne Primary School aims to promote curiosity, creativity and love for learning. We want our children to be ambitious and have no limits when designing and making their own innovative products.


The Design and technology curriculum at our school is designed to serve the four principles as follows:



  • To inspire children to become curious, creative and self-motivated problem-solvers and innovators through both independent and group activities
  • To foster enjoyment and satisfaction when designing, making and evaluating functional products
  • To challenge all children to achieve at the highest level they possibly can


Our World         

  • To promote a climate in which innovations and creativity can flourish in our rapidly changing society
  • To expose children to different ways of looking at the world through rich, broad and balanced curriculum
  • To teach children to understand the wider impact on the environment when designing and making new products, encouraging sustainable thinking


Our Education

  • To make design and technology relevant to real life contexts, which children making functional products for a specific purpose
  • To encourage effective conversations about their own products and the work of others
  • To encourage children to experiment and take risks in a safe and positive learning environment


Our Rights

  • To teach children about self-regulation to ensure responsible behaviour and the safety of others
  • To learn about principles of nutrition, healthy eating and how to cook
  • The UN convention on the Rights of a child states, in Article 29: ‘a child or young person's education should help their mind, body and talents be the best they can. It should also build their respect for other people and the world around them. They should learn to respect: their rights and the rights of others.’


Design and Technology Why It's Important

On of the films in our new series, aimed at linking work that students are carrying out within their schools to the work being completed by professional designers. They are purposely fast paced in order to depict the excitement, energy and potential within our subject.

Cookery Club 


We named our pizza faces:

The Tunario, Magnificent Wrap, Smiley Cheese, Smiley Roll, Tasty Smiley Face and Healthy Pizza  


Read some pupil comments  ... 

Alfreda  "I liked the part the first time we made the pizza faces my whole family enjoyed it."


Johnatan  "I liked best the tuna and pasta because my nan liked it and I liked it as well."


Harrihar "I liked when we were making and cutting the fruit, I really liked when we finished it off it was really yummy and tasty." 


Mohammed "I liked the first day of the cooking club and we made faces with tuna and cheese and I really enjoyed when I had it at home."


Kayinsola "I liked cookery club because I now know how to cook healthy and how to eat healthy and we had so much fun in cookery club." 


Lilly "I like cookery club because we had so much fun and we make stuff and take it home and I like the smoothie best!"


Alex "I like cookery club cause we make good stuff and its all good food and all the time we make nice food and my friends they could be coming here and enjoy the same thing as me!"


 Manushri "Healthy food can taste like normal foods and even better. My best part of the cookery club was when I made the smoothie and did some exercise outside."


Ismael "We do healthy stuff for our bodies and we also made a lot of  healthy food with our friends, my favourite part was when we made the sandwich." 



Reception children made stir fry vegetable noodles