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Hello Year 1, 


Another exciting activity for you all today!

We all love making cards, it is a beautiful gesture to show someone how much we care for them. Especially, someone we usually have coming around your house very other day, but now we haven't seen them for some time. 

Today you are going to be making you very own pop up card.


We have a house theme for your card today and you need to think about what materials you can use to decorate the pop up house in your card.


We all know that we need to design our card on the outside, so i will leave that to you to decide who you want to send the card to. 


However, it needs to be someone you have not seen for a long time and would really want them to come visit you at your home. This could be someone in your family or even a friend of yours. 


I am excited to see who you have missed coming to your house and could like to send this card to.

Good Luck!