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Dahab Class - Ms Ajmal

Hello Dahab Class,

My name is Mrs Ajmal and I welcome you all in this new class.

I’m so honoured to be speaking to you, because who knows what you’ll be in the future? Maybe it’s the next Prime minister of United Kingdom. Maybe you might go to the moon or maybe you might go to a place which has never been visited before and explore and discover a whole new set of fauna. Maybe you’re going to be a musician who will tour the world, entertain millions of people in enormous stadiums. Maybe you’ll be a teacher like me and inspire the next generation of children to think about education as something that will always be a part of them. Maybe you’ll be an artist and your work will be displayed in galleries at home and abroad. Maybe you’ll be a scientist and come up with a cure for something we desperately need, who knows?

And the best part is – anything is possible. Maybe your dream job or the part you play in society might not even exist yet. Maybe you’ll be the first.

Being your new teacher, I would try to ensure that we have a comfortable atmosphere in our classroom, for which I need your support as well. Year 6 is an important year and it demands a more responsible and serious attitude. I assure you that I will try to provide all the possible help in terms of academics. My availability and accessibility in the school for my students will not be an issue. With my support and your excellent behaviour, I am certain that we will make this year a wonderful learning experience.

Whilst this time at home has been difficult for most of you because you have missed school and your friends, it has also given you time to share experiences with your family. Some of you have taken this time to learn new skills, develop the skills you already had and explore new interests.

Stay safe and have a wonderful summer break and I will see you all on September 7th.

Mrs Ajmal