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Dear Children,

This week, we'll be looking at Pop Art! 

The concept of pop art began a long time ago (the 1950s when you were not born) and the basic thing which makes this type of art different is the use of bold images that are painted in bright colours.

It is a type of art that is described as a depiction of everyday items in bold colours. The pop artists have created images related to different fields like the packaging of ketchup bottles, product labels and comic strips.

Look at examples below:








Some of the great artists behind this kind of art is    Roy Lichtenstein. Please click on the link below to find out more about his Art work:


or open the document below and find out more about Roy's ideas, style and techniques and some of his famous work.


After learning about the background of this famous artist, a task has been set for you to complete in your home learning book.


Even better, you can start gathering ideas on how to make a Roy Pop Art style ART.

Have fun!