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Computing/ICT Reading Club

We enjoy reading! 


Have a look at us in the ICT suite reading online.
This is what we say about the Computing/ICT Reading Club


Bowie  "The club is very nice place and it makes you read a lot of                       books."  


David  "It helps me with my individual reading. It helps me with my                  concentration." 


 Kofi    "The club has helped me to confidently read. It helped me                   read beyond the limit."


Tolani   “I think the club is great because it helps you to read." 


Leart   "I wish we could do it everyday."  


Tarik  "The club help you learn how to read."


Sonia  "The club is fun and is good." 


Clinton  "The club is tranquil. It helps me with my concentration and                 with my reading."   


 Mustafa  “It is so interesting and fun and you can learn about fiction                    and non- fiction books."    


Edilson   "The club has helped me to read more books." 


Ayman  " The reading club helped me get on to Gold Colour Band in                  reading."


Kolbi    "It has helped me to be a fast reader."