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Children's Wellbeing

Gascoigne School are delighted to have Molly and Ian as part of our Team.

 Molly is a 5 year old Labra-doodle who has been specially trained to work as a Pets a Therapy (PAT) dog.


This means Molly has undertaken training to ensure she has a calm and stable temperament and has proved that she is friendly and confident in all situation.Molly is comfortable being petted and handled sometimes clumsily.


PAT dogs are trained to provide comfort and affection in Retirement Homes, Nursing homes, Hospices and Schools.

Therapy dogs can help young people cope with emotions, disorders and developing relationships.


Therapy dogs provide and inexpensive way to asset children in focusing on their education. They provide a comforting presence that resource has shown is a benefit to children; they are very useful at encouraging children to talk and by giving the children the opportunity to read to them, their reading skills improve.


Most adults are apprehensive when speaking in public. It is very daunting. Children are no different when reading to others in a group.However when a PAT dog enters the group they become less self-conscious and do not feel they are being judged.

Before long the children are looking forward to the reading experience.


Molly is a calming influence on the children, provides comfort and promotes positive behaviour,enhances self esteem,motivates speech and inspires the children throughout the session.