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Celebration of Maths Learning


Maths Week 2021-2022


During Maths Week, all classes took part in fun activities which included daily live stories told by Maths's heroes as well as live Maths lessons lead by mathematicians that are fun and involve mysteries and puzzles to solve.




Cuthbert the Croc Workshop

Pupils listened to the story 'Cuthbert Sees Doubles' told live by Sally Lunt. The workshop focused on doubling numbers. it helped pupils to see that doubling a number is the same as adding the number to itself. Pupils played card and dice games to find doubles and also painted butterflies to print doubles using art activities.

Maths In Y2 Vermelho Class


In maths Vermelho class investigated and measured volume in millilitres and litres. They used a variety of measuring jugs, cylinders and cups. Miss Connelly began by filling up jugs to different amounts of water and then placing them on tables. The had to predict the amounts by looking (which was tricky!) After which they rotated around the tables and recorded the exact volume in each measuring jug. They thoroughly enjoyed this practical lesson as this gave them a clear understanding of what volume is all about using millilitres and litres. 


Gascoigne's Very Own 

Times Tables Rock Stars

The following pupils are in the Top 3 for Speed in answering Times Table Questions within the Whole School


Inan Ehsan - 0.58 sec, 4 Alawo Ewe

Lakshaya Khatri - 0.7 sec, 5 Osan

Mustafa Qayum - 0.75 sec, 6 Gold

A very BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the following TOP 3 Pupils in Year 4 for achieving the most correct answers in the last 14 days.


1st Place: Inan Ehsan, Alawo Ewe

2nd Place: Jordan Bwenzi, Egjelbert

3rd Place: Anwarthussain Asgarali, Green