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Celebrating our Learning

It's great to celebrate learning but I seem to be receiving learning from the same children every day. It is really important that we all take pride in what we are achieving during this time. I know that you are all working hard. I need to see different names on this page, encourage each other to share your learning. Red class I have not received anything from you which has made me feel quite sad, as I know that you are all amazing and work really hard. Let's show this off ! I look forward to seeing some different names this week. Make sure you include your name and your class, maybe even a little message about what you have done. 

Missing you all ! Keep it up !wink


Miss Shermin 

The following children in each class have earned the highest number of coins on YUMU music:



Benas Grisman from  Casaan Class  with  240 coins


Laal Class - Ishaan Dev & Renjitha Jijeesh  220 coins

Pupa Class Max Sudianta       190 coins

Red Class - Afla Kazi             130 coins

Vemelho Class- Imaan Adeel 110 coins

Equke Class- Linor Muzhaku    70 coins 

Rouge Class-  Manveer Singh Mudhar  40 coins


Please remember to login. There are only a few children in the race who are logging in !