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Benas Casaan Class

Congratulations Benas!! yes


Today, we are celebrating your learning for fantastic presentation, handwriting, and above all responding to the feedback I give you. I can see that clearly in your writing and I am going to share that piece of your work with the rest of the class. Well done and keep up the good work!!heart


Today, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate more than one child’s work. There are some children, who are regularly completing their work and uploading, sending messages, and pictures. All of you try your best and I am so proud of each one of you. Thank you and well done for that!!  heartheart


Next week is a holiday week and with fantastic weather, I am sure you all will enjoy the ice lollies and ice cream. There are lots of fun activities for you on the website if you want to have a go. But remember to keep reading on Bug Club and practice your times tables on TT Rockstar.


Lots of love 

Mrs. Vora xxxx heartheart