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Hello my Clever Cookies…...!!


As the long-awaited end of the academic year approaches and everyone’s thoughts turn to a restful break, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all and wish you all the best. yes


What a year!!!


There are many reasons that the world will remember the year 2020; but for me one of the reasons is ‘YOU’. smiley I can’t believe that it’s already July and it’s time to say goodbye. I really don’t like saying goodbyes and I am not very good at it, especially to a smart bunch of fun-loving students like yourselves. cryingcrying


So much has happened this year and you all have proven that you are able continue to learn and make progress no matter what. You are all self-disciplined and intrinsically motivated. I know that we did not get that long together but in that short time each and every one of you have left long lasting effect on my heart and my mind.angel I have enjoyed every moment of teaching you. My favourite thing this year has been our poetry recitation. Even though it was not a competition, almost everyone thought you did the best………….wink I also enjoyed our meeting with ‘ Red Beard, the Pirate’. It was hilarious to hear him speak.laugh I can’t believe he could not actually read the map!!surprisesurprise I wish he had come to Gascoigne Primary School when he was young. We learn that in Year!!


Although the technology used in Schools has certainly changed since I was a student, I still remember the feeling of ending one year and starting another.cheeky I know that some of you might be excitedlaugh, happysmiley, nervoussurprise or little bit scaredindecision and it’s ok to have any of those feelings. Let me tell you one thing, you are ready for it!!enlightened You are so independent and awesome that I am confident that you will continue to make progress in year 3 and beyond. You have mastered the ‘GASCOIGNE WAY’ of doing things and that will be very useful in your next phase of learning.


As your teacher, I will always miss you because I know that you are some of the finest students I have ever had the pleasure of working with.heart Wishing you a great journey for the future ahead. Continue to work hard and make us feel proud by achieving your personal targets. Remember, you can do it!!!



It is sad that we cannot see each other and say good bye in person, but I guess we are all getting better at doing things virtually cool and so here is a virtual, big, warm hug from me to each one of you.







Enjoy the summer and have a restful break so when you come back you are all ready and eager to start learning and make progress. You will always be in my heart and my thoughts.



Love you lots

Mrs. Vora xxxx