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Divij Casaan Class

Let’s join our hands together for Divij this afternoon.smiley Divij, you have been working so hard every day and uploading your completed work on Seesaw regularly. I have enjoyed listening to the audio recordings that you have been uploading. I am now looking forward to reading your writing in which you will be using all the fantastic vocabulary you know.




Divij has been up to date with his learning in general and asking for more books on Bug Club. He has been communicating about his doubts and responding to the feedback I give him. His Acrostic poem was fantastic and I enjoyed listening to the definition that he gave with audio recording. Though, I must say he had a very tough competition today with his very best friend……. I am sure you all know his very best friend. wink


Congratulations Divij!!!


Well done to all the other children who have been completing and uploading their work on Seesaw.


Love heart

Mrs. Vora xxx