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Cagaaran - Mrs Johal

Dear children and parents,


I would like to welcome you to Year 4 Cagaaran class. The class name originates from the country of Somalia and it means green.


I hope you all have a really enjoyable summer holiday. I know it will be a somewhat longer holiday than usual but I expect that many of you have already invested some of your time and energy into taking up new hobbies and interests, which you can pursue further over the coming weeks. I also hope that you have given considered thought to the challenges of Year 4 learning, especially if you did not fulfil your potential before the lockdown period commenced. I will endeavour to help you achieve what you are capable of but that will, of course, also involve a lot of effort on your part.  


At some point, during Year 4, the government will ask us to administer assessments of multiplication tables check (MTC). This is going to be a very important assessment of your ability to complete times tables under timed conditions. Luckily, you have access to TT Rockstar's to help you practise your times tables so please do continue to do this over the summer holiday. I know that some of you already know all of your times tables, so well done! Please also have a look at the spelling words for year 3 and recap them and also have a look at the year 4 words too.


The Year 4 team have put together some fantastic topics for you, through which to explore your learning. Many of you receive support from your families at home and I am positive, that with their help, you will have lots of opportunities to consolidate your learning and develop new and existing skills.


My wish for all of you is that you become helpful learners who can exemplify the merits of hard work, perseverance and determination. So when you come back to school in September, be ready to go for gold!


Your happiness at school and in your life outside of school is very important. So, if you ever need to speak to me about anything, please do let me know.


Miss Onyebalu has told me great things about all of you and I am really looking forward to seeing you all in September.  Enjoy your holiday and relax with your families!


Best wishes

Mrs Johal