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Being creative at home



Creative development involves engaging in activities that promote creativity (e.g. visual arts, music, drama, and dance).

Embracing their creative side gives children the opportunity to express themselves openly; their creations reflect their individuality, their originality. Creative activities provide opportunities for problem solving and experimenting with new ideas.

Children who regularly exercise their creativity may find it easier to explain themselves and the world around them. Developing creative abilities also promotes cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

When children develop their creativity, they also gather fundamental knowledge of the world, gain better control of their bodies, and express thoughts and feelings they are unable to verbalize. Additionally, talking about their projects can be a great chance for them to share their creative experiences.

The first few years of life are detrimental to all forms of development, so parents we want our children to reach their potential by providing and  encouraging diverse experiences at an early age. 


What Tools Do I Need?

Ideas for creative and imaginative play are available all around us. Often we overlook the simple things, that to a child aren’t as simple. Try using some of these household items to make games, tell stories, or just have fun with them.

  • Sponges
  • Paper
  • Cardboard and boxes
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Markers, crayons, or pencils
  • Molding materials like clay and playdough 

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The Animal Boogie | Barefoot Books Singalong

The Animal Boogie | Barefoot Books SingalongWant more?⭐ Our favorite video:🛒 Buy this book:

 Great song to dance and move to. 

See what actions you can do for each of the animals ? 

Can you now think of other ways animals  move ? I want you to show me.

Record the different ways to send me on seesaw app. Can not wait to see the different movements. 

Dear zoo activity 

After listening to the story of Dear zoo (in the stories section)

Draw, paint or mark make YOUR favourite zoo animal using real life visuals to support child – but also give children the opportunity using the writing or mark making tool and colours.

You can also loo at zoo wild animal prints / patterns allowing,  describing what they see colours,

is it stripy? long lines, short lines.

Giving the children the opportunity to use different art tools such as sponges, plastic folks, rollers etc to create a pattern they see. 


Christmas Crafts


The following craft activities can be enjoyed and created by the whole family. 

Children can make their own handmade decorations, these are are lovely keep safe that can be treasured for years to come 

Christmas Cooking 


The following cooking activities can be enjoyed and created by the whole family. 

During the activities, talk about the ingredients, how much do you need and how can we work this out. 

Look at the numbers on the measuring scales. Which ingredient was the most/ least.


Your hands can easily spread bacteria around the kitchen and onto food. It's important to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water: before starting to prepare food. after touching any foods. 

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