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Behaviour Management - Stay On Green

  Inspire to achieve; persevere to succeed.

Draft Behaviour policy From Sept 2021

Stay On Green - Behaviour Management Policy 

Inspire to achieve; persevere to succeed.

Mission Statement

In order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, positive engagement and behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary. Our school family works to create and maintain a welcoming, calm, supportive and safe learning environment in which every person is valued.


We aim to promote a positive attitude in our pupils, creating an environment in which good behaviour is expected, within a climate of trust. We see this as a three-way partnership with pupils, parents and staff all taking responsibility for their actions.


Gascoigne Primary is a community school with a strong moral ethos. School rules are for the safety and comfort of all members of the school community. Any form of bullying, discriminatory behaviour or fighting will not be tolerated.


At Gascoigne Primary School we have adopted the behaviour programme ‘Stay on Green’. This policy is intended to be consistently applied although, at times, staff will use their professional discretion and make adjustments to the policy to meet the needs of individual pupils.



  • To provide a safe environment free from disruption, violence, bullying and any form of harassment;
  • To enable children to understand that acceptable behaviour is a result of mutual respect - respect for ourselves, respect for others, and respect for property;
  • To promote the values of honesty, trust, fairness, tolerance, compassion and politeness;
  • To reinforce positive behaviour;
  • To ensure fairness of treatment for all;
  • To encourage consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviour.


All Adults:

  • To provide a positive role model;
  • To have high expectations of themselves and the children;
  • To emphasise and reward positive behaviour;
  • To respond to, and deal with, unacceptable behaviour in a firm and consistent manner;
  • To involve and inform parents of all aspects of this policy.

All Children:

  • To understand that they are a valued part of the community;
  • To understand their role;
  • To discuss and share what constitutes acceptable behaviour;
  • To understand and know what is acceptable behaviour;
  • To be responsible for behaving in an appropriate manner.




At Gascoigne Primary, to ‘Stay on Green’, we will…….

  1. Listen to and co-operate with each other.
  2. Follow adults’ instructions.
  3. Treat everyone with politeness, kindness and respect.
  4. Learn to the best of our ability.
  5. Move safely and calmly around school.
  6. Take pride in our school environment.





The principle behind this system is:

  • That all pupils have the opportunity to make positive choices about their behaviour and influence outcomes.

  • That the teachers integrate a system within daily teaching in order to promote positive behaviour and effective behaviour management skills.

  • Pupils who are regularly following the rules are recognised and rewarded.


    The system allows for the following:

  • A consistent approach that can be used by all staff.

  • Whole class/school and individual reward system.

  • Least intrusive approaches are used to manage behaviour

  • Teaching of specific behaviours and routines.


    The system works in the following way:

  • All classes should have our school rules clearly displayed and feedback about behaviour should be linked to these.

  • All classes have a display with the children’s names on. All pupils start each morning with their name on ‘Green’ to enable each child to have a fresh start each day.

  • If pupils make positive individual choices about their behaviour - their name moves onto the appropriate colour (bronze, silver, gold).

  • If pupils make negative individual choices their name moves onto the following colours (blue, yellow, red).

  • Children’s names may move up or down their classroom chart at any point during the day - even lunchtimes.

  • If a child comes off Green and moves down the system, it is the teacher’s responsibility to try and get them back to green before the end of the day.


Golden Children

If children achieve three Golden badges - their parents will be sent a 'Golden letter' in the post by Miss Preston; they will also receive a Head teacher's Tea Party Invite which is a very special event held during the Summer Term.





Headteacher's Golden Tea Party Summer 2016

Worry Boxes - if you have a worry, all you do is post your name into your class's Worry Box and an adult will find time to speak privately with you.

Contact Miss Preston (Headteacher)

The behaviour and safety of our pupils is important to us; if you have concerns regarding behaviour and safety - please use this contact form and Miss Preston will make contact with you to discuss further. Please also use this form to notify her of positive behaviour also.