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Autumn 2-The Nativity

The Nativity by Nil class

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Nil class is retelling one of the greatest stories ever told: the Nativity.

This term, we have been learning to retell 'The Greatest Stories Ever Told.'

We have read stories from other cultures and a popular story, The Nativity written by Gemma Barder. This story is about the birth of a special baby called Jesus. After reading the story, we discussed the gifts brought to the baby Jesus and this reminded us of the special gifts we receive from our families and its significance.

The story was so interesting that we decided to find different ways of retelling it to the rest of the school and our parents. We started off by taking turns to retell parts of the events that took place through role play. In order for our audience to understand the story better, we made props such as costumes to wear as we recalled and retold the events. This helped the story come alive.

Different songs that helped summarise key events in the story were also learnt and we danced to this.

Finally, we had the opportunity to perform 'The Greatest Story Ever Told-The Nativity' and look at us here, having fun!

We hope you enjoy watching us.