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Staff at Gascoigne are assessing children all the time and adjusting their teaching to help your child to make progress in all of their learning!


Every pupil is entitled to be assessed and teachers use what they find to adjust their lessons, content, ways of questioning and engaging pupils and teaching style. 


How are teachers assessing all the time?! They observe as children are learning; they ask questions to see what your child may know already or to stretch their thinking; they listen to responses carefully; they notice any ‘gaps’ in learning and address them; they check children's exercise books and ; they discuss learning and targets individually; they review self-evaluation and check that children do understand; they notice children's responses on the mini whiteboards and plan the next learning; they stop the lesson briefly to check everyone is learning; they review learning posted online ...


Gascoigne staff aim to feed back to children straight away and in the lesson so children know how to improve at the point of the learning, rather than receiving marking in their books days later.  


Pupils in Y2-6 take termly tests in Reading, Writing and Maths, so staff can compare progress across the large year groups and across the school.  These tests assist in planning lessons and addressing misunderstandings.


Assessment is integrated into the lessons and we aim for assessment processes to be helpful to all and an opportunity for pupils to show their very best learning. 



For more information, please see the Assessment Policy.