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Creative Writing

Monday's Learning


Hello Children,


We hope you had a lovely weekend and you’re refreshed and ready for a new week. This week, we are continuing with our comic book project. You should have made a start on your comics by now and hopefully have some fab illustrations, showing the cool adventures of your chosen superhero.


Today, your challenge is to write captions alongside your illustrations to explain briefly what is happening in this part of the story.


Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and the appropriate punctuation (full stop, exclamation mark or question mark).


Best of luck – remember to drop us a message if you need any support at all.

Tuesday's Learning


Hi Year 1,

We hope you had fun writing captions yesterday and they really add to the excitement of your comic book story. Have another quick look through just to make sure that your spellings are spelt correctly and your handwriting is nice and neat.


Today’s challenge is for you to write speech bubbles for your characters to add even more action to your comic! You need to really think about what kind of things your characters might be saying in the story. Perhaps you can take on some characters with your family and act out your story to help you get some ideas.


Remember to use your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces at the correct places (without having to be prompted by an adult)!


Best of luck!

Wednesday's Learning


Hello Year 1,

 It’s time to put the finishing touches on your comic.  By now you should have illustrations, captions, speech bubbles and a pretty cool looking comic.

For the finishing touches, we would like you to use some onomatopoeias. Do you remember what an onomatopoeia is? We looked at them during poetry week. It’s a word that sounds like it’s meaning e.g. fizz, pop, bang and zip etc.. If you’re still not sure there’s a PowerPoint attached to help refresh your memory.  


You need to look at your story and think about whether you could add some cool looking onomatopoeia’s to really make the illustrations stand out! If you want to be extra creative, you could use what you have learned in your ART lesson this week (Benday dots) to decorate them like a real comic book would have.  


We are SO EXCITED to see your final versions. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be published into a real life comic book?! After all… you are all fantastic authors and illustrators (We know we would buy a book written by any of you!) 


Best of luck, Year One!  

Thursday's Learning


Dear Year 1,


You did it! You made your very own comic books! We are all so very proud of how hard you’ve worked on these little pieces of excitement the past couple of weeks.

We hope you’re feeling proud of yourselves too. Some adults can’t even make comics, and find them really tricky so you should be proud of yourselves! 


Today, your challenge is to check through your learning and make any final adjustments and edits before publishing. This is called your ‘final draft’ and it’s something all authors have to do before they publish a piece of work. You will need to check:  

  • Spellings 

  • Punctuation 

  • Handwriting 

  • Illustrations 

  • Captions 

  • Speech bubbles 

  • Finger spaces 

  • Capital letters  


When you have finished take a picture of your finished comic and send it to Mrs Coffie via the year group page or even better, film a video of yourself reading your comic and we’ll see if we can upload some particularly cool ones on to the website!  


Have fun!

Fred's Friday Message!

Dear children, 

Happy Friday!!! It’s Fred again…ribbet!

I hope you've had a fantastic week of learning. I've been reading your great stories and I'm very impressed with your spelling, punctuation, adjectives, illustrations and most of all your imagination!


Just give yourselves a 'rainbow clap' and...a 'marshmallow clap' for being the best authors.


I’m really going to miss you when you are away for the weekend. 


To keep me cheerful, I would like you to write a letter to me, telling me about all the interesting things you’ve done throughout the week. For example: your fun 'time' activities,  games you played, daily exercises, cooking activities, investigations and most of all your amazing learning.


Remember to use all your writing tools to make your writing readable. Can a frog actually read? Yes! I always use my two bulging eyes to see better and my webbed feet to open the pages.


So, get writing as I can't wait to read your  letters to the animals in the house.




Yours truly,  

Fred the Fabulous Phonics Frog (r-i-b-b-e-t )