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Art and Design

Learning Objective:

To identify colours and the objects that are associated with them.  


Success Criteria:  

  • I can name a variety of colours. 

  • I can identify my favourite colour.  

  • I can identify specific objects that are associated with particular colours. 




Colour, red, green, blue, pink, purple, back, white, orange, light, dark, shade, smudge, splash, drip, cool, cold, bright colours 


Warm up activity:



Warm up with Sketchbooks: 

Children to explore and find different colours. They will be challenged to express their views on their favourite colour and represent this in objects that are of the same colour. #


Why don't you try one of the warm up drawing exercise? My favourite was, 'drawing spirals'!



Children to draw/create a picture of any memorable experiences using their favourite colours. Children to explain why they used particular colours. 



Use different shades of colours to represent their ideas and thinking. For example, light blue for sky and dark blue for water.  


Key questions:

What colour would you use to paint grass in your picture?  

What colour would you use for strawberries? Why? 

What other objects would you like to paint?

What colours would you use for your objects?  

Did you use cool or bold colours?