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Hello Year 2,


For your design and technology task today, you will be making your very own tasty treat! You will need to work closely with your parents and careers to bake. Following from the previous lesson, who managed to find out some tasty recipes? I was speaking to my grandma about this task and following this she made a bread pudding, I will show you what a bread pudding looks like below, it is very tasty! Remember to follow the instructions and make sure you have all the correct ingredients. Think back to some of the equipment we used when we made hot cross buns for example, a mixing bowl, wooden spoon, weighing scales.


If you are not able to bake, maybe you could cook or create something else, maybe dinner or a snack and explain in full sentences what you had to do to make it. For example, you might make a fruit salad, you will need fruit, a knife and a chopping board.

Make sure you send in photos of whatever you make, we look forward to seeing some of your tasty treats.

Have fun!